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LilyPad Xbee

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LilyPad Xbee work with Bluetooth Xbee module for Arduino IDE 2.4GHZ

The LilyPad Bee is a radio transceiver that you can sew on to your clothing to create wearables or toy control or anywhere you want you to .The LilyPad Bee supply two power interface, one is 5V and the other is 3.3V,so you have more choices to select power supply .There is a communication interface that you can use to control other devices via serial port(In fact ,the following example code is just tested by this serial port source)

Power supply:3.3V or 5V.If you have a power device who supplies 2V to 6V ,you should connect to “+” not the “3.3V” interface ,if the power is 3.3v you can connect to 3.3V interface directly.

Frequency :The frequency reaches up to 2.4GHZ Current Limiting Protection