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Sensor de gotas da chuva/humidade

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Product use:
Arduino robot kits, rain, rain sensor, can be used for all kinds of weather monitoring, and translated into output signals and AO.

Product introduction:

  • Connected to 5V power supply lights, induction board did not drop, DO output is high, the switch indication lamp is off, drop a drop of water, DO output is low, the switch indicator lights,
  • Brush off the water droplets, and restored to the state, output high level
  • Analog AO output, can be connected to the MCU AD port detection of drops in the above amount of rainfall.
  • DO TTL digital output can also be connected with the singlechip detects whether there is rain.


  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power indicator light, the output signal LED indicating lamp.
  • TTL level output, TTL output signal for low level drive capacity of around 100MA, can directly drive the relay, a buzzer, a mall fan, etc..
  • Sensitivity adjustment via potentiometer
  • No rain when the LED light output is high, the output level, go up, LED bright.
  • The board and the control board is separate, convenient wire.
  • A large area of the board, more conducive to detect the rain.
  • The board is equipped with a positioning hole to facilitate installation
  • Control panel board size: 3*1.6 MM
  • A large area of raindrop detection board 5.4*4.0 MM
  • Connect cable: 200MM

Connection mode:

  • VCC: positive (3-5 v)
  • GND: connect power anode
  • DO: TTL switch signal output
  • AO: analog signal output

Package content:

  • 1x rain sensor