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Shield de Sensores p/Arduino UNO e MEGA

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Sensor Shield V5.0 expansion moudle board for Arduino UNO R3.
Including all I/O ports' Pins for UNO R3 main board.
With a Reset Button.
Red LED indicates the power status, yellow LED indicates if connected to PIN 13.

Material: Metal
Dimension: Approx. 57 x 57 x 19mm / 2.2" x 2.2" x 0.7"

I/O Ports:
14 Digital I/O Ports: D0-D13 (including 6 ports for PWM function)
8 Analog I/O Ports: A0-A5

SD Card Interface
Ultrasonic Interface
Bluetooth Interface
APC220 Interface
IIC Interface
Servo Interface
12864 LCD Parallel Interface
12864 LCD Serial Interface