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Shield Multifunções p/Arduino UNO e Mega

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Multifunctional Expansion Learning Development Sensor shield
Seamless with mainstream 2009 UNO LENARDO 2560 controller
4 -way LED indicator ( LED indicator is very important,during the projects , this indicator can directly indicates the procedure, which facilitates debugging.
DS18B20 & LM35 temperature sensor interface which can be used in temperature measuring experiments(DS18B20 and LM35 are not included)
3296 precision adjustable potentiometer, analog input port ( can be used for controlling LED brightness, turn the steering angle , the digital voltage, etc.
Integrated infrared receiver, can fit any infrared remote control experiments , (the integrated receiver is not included.)
Four digital tube ( using 74HC595 driver provincial IO learning SPI), you can make digital display experiment with it( can display temperature , voltage, counter value , etc. ) .
Three separate buttons, a reset button , the button can do experiments ( HMI ) .
The buzzer sound can be used for experiments . ( Can call the police , produce sound , etc. )
Bluetooth, wireless interfaces, voice module , voice recognition module can be used for wireless communication experiment
Servo interface, easy to drive servos
Infrared detection interface, easy and infrared docking realization of human traffic statistics , etc.

Size:approx. 70 x 50 x10mm