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Shield Prototipagem p/Arduino UNO eMega

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Breadboard de 250 contactos incluída!


Arduino Prototyping Prototype Shield ProtoShield With Mini Breadboard


  • Small soldering area.
  • All Arduino pins are brought to the top level.
  • 1 reset button, 1 general use button, and 2 LED circuits can be used directly.
  • 5V, GND, and Raw pins are exposed as well.
  • SOIC place for IC.
  • The mini breadboard has 170 tie points.
  • The breadboard sticks on the prototype shield with its self-adhesive backing.
  • Prototype Size:7cm x 5.5cm x 2cm
  • Mini breadboard size: 4.4 * 3.4 * 1cm

Package Included:

  • 1 * Arduino prototype shield
  • 1 * Mini breadboard